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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  August 5, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. a 9-year-old boy seriously hurt in a hit-and-run rampage. the chase that led police across two counties. markets around the world hammered this morning. how the state jobs report could impact wall street after the biggest one-day drop since the recession began. >> good morning. it's friday, august 5. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. the weekend right around the corner. a lot of people wondering what the weather is going to be like. >> mr. doughnut who brought in 700 doughnuts this morning! >> happy friday, guys. happy friday, folks at home. fog, low clouds and drizzle this morning. a little more sunshine by the afternoon, maybe a little warmer, 82 concord, 78 san jose, 60s in oakland and san
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francisco. more on the weekend forecast in a moment. first let's check the roads are gianna. >> we are jumping over to the bay bridge. metering lights off, no wind advisories, but lots of roadwork. details on that coming up. right now, back to you. >> thank you. a developing story this morning. a hit-and-run rampage that's left a child in critical condition. >> this morning, police have a suspect in custody. kristy seifkin is in san francisco at the scene where the child was hit. kristy. >> reporter: good morning to you, grace and to frank. yes, this morning, police actually detained a suspect who they believe was involved in hitting that 9-year-old boy last night near downtown san francisco around 10:40 p.m. as we take a look at some images, you can see the suspect's car has bad front end damage. he was actually detained in hayward quite a ways away from where the hit-and-run happened. he had hit several cars along the way which is why he had so much damage to his own car and san francisco police brought several witnesses to actually come and identify the vehicle
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and they say that it matches the white toyota pickup truck they saw involved in the hit- and-run accident. that accident happened last night when a boy was walking just ahead of his family when he was hit at the mission street crosswalk. >> a large white toyota pickup truck was proceeding northbound on new montgomery, the wrong direction. it turned westbound on mission street and struck the child in the crosswalk. >> reporter: the driver didn't stop after hitting the boy and continued west on mission street hitting numerous parked cars and moving cars. it was then that we are told he hopped on the freeway just south of market street and that pursuit continued until he was eventually detained in hayward. now, that 9-year-old boy remains in critical condition this morning with life- threatening injuries. police are trying to figure out why the driver was going the
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wrong direction on a one-way street, montgomery street, and why he hit the other vehicles. back to you. >> thank you. 4:33 now. markets around the world are falling after the worst day on wall street in years. asian markets closed lower on word that the u.s. may be sliding back into recession and in the meantime europe's debt crisis is getting worse. as jay dow reports, wall street is bracing for another rocky day as they wait for this morning's update on the nation's unemployment report. reporter: today's government report is not expected to calm jittery investors. economists predict employers added only 75,000 jobs last month. unemployment is expected to hold steady at 9.2%. it's the last thing wall street wants to hear. stocks tanked thursday over fears about america's shaky economy and the debt crisis in europe. the dow jones fell 513 points,
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the biggest loss since the recession began. the nasdaq dropped more than 5% tumbling 137 points. >> whether it's slipped into a recession that it is actually contracting, we don't know. but the economy is behaving very badly and it's right at the cusp. >> reporter: officials from the federal reserve plan to meet next tuesday to review the latest unemployment report. they are not expected to announce any new measures to boost job creation or the economy. >> i definitely didn't picture myself in this situation. >> reporter: she got her graduate degree in journalism about a year ago and has been unemployed ever since. if things get much worse, she may have to look outside her chosen field. >> once my unemployment benefits are up, i'm going to be forced to probably waitress or bartend or something like that. >> reporter: she is not the only american worried about the future. according to a new cbs news/new york times poll, 86% of the public thinks the economy is in bad shape. and only 22% believe the government's new debt deal will
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make things any better. jay dow, cbs news, washington. >> guess we'll all have to strap in today come 9:30. hundreds of airport construction workers in the bay area could be back to work on monday. today the senate is expected to approve a bill to end a two- week partial shutdown of the federal aviation administration and president obama is expected to sign it over the weekend. that is good news for workers building a new air traffic control tower in oakland. >> they can call me right now and i'll be there in two hours with my tools. then i have lost my pension and medical benefits and i have lost my vacation benefits. >> 70,000 construction jobs across the country are expected to be restored including a taxiway improvement project in san jose and runway and wait it improvement in san francisco. the bill would extend the faa's operating authority through mid- september while congress and
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the administration work out differences over subsidies for rural airports. times of big cutbacks, the san francisco fire department is expanding its staff. they will have a ceremony for 35 entry level firefighters there. they will take the oath of allegiance now that they have completed a 14 week fire academy class. the oakland police department is rebuilding its staff. 4 officers were rehired -- 24 officers were rehired and retraining this week. another 8 returning soon. the police chief applied for a federal grant that could pay for even more officers to return. a similar grant recently helped san jose rehire some of their laid-off firefighters. oakland police want to shame the guys trying to pick up prostitutes but they can't do it. last night community activists marched down part of international boulevard known as strip to call attention to
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prostitution. they also posted a billboard warning johns to stay out. the police department had wanted to send them embarrassing letters and put their mug shots on the department's website but the city attorney isn't sure if they can legally access the dmv database for that purpose. two suspects in an antioch armed robbery are due to be arraigned today. this is the case in which 16- year-old hassan ford appeared to be kidnapped triggering an amber alert. now police think that he was involved in a plot against his employer al's barbershop. also arrested in the case, 23- year-old eric walker. time now 4:37. let's get a quick look at traffic and weather. these are just two of the doughnuts that our weatherman, mr. lawrence karnow, brought in, of the 700. >> you know what? they smell divine. >> i've eaten the other 698! they are great, especially on friday. [ laughter ] we have low clouds and fog
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surging onshore to the valleys and drizzle at the coast. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. starting out very gray this morning. it's going to burn off but again these temperatures below average maybe a little warmer than yesterday. still looking at about 83 degrees, sunshine in livermore, 82 concord, 85 on the warm end in fairfield. inside the bay cooler and a lot longer for it to break up, about 68 degrees in oakland and about 78 degrees in san jose. and out at the coast, not a lot of sunshine there but temperatures in the 50s and 60s. things improve on sunday. tomorrow a push. but temperatures begin to warm up as high pressure builds in on sunday. warmer weather looks like monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week. looks like even some 90s return to the bay area. that's weather. let's check weather with gianna. >> lots of roadwork around the county now. first of all, highway 4, eastbound shut down ramp to 80 closed until 6:00 for roadwork. elsewhere as you work your way
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towards the bay bridge, we have roadwork on the upper deck near the cantilever section. various lanes blocked that should wrap up by 5:00. lower deck roadwork between 4th street on the skyway. overall traffic light. metering lights off at the toll plaza, no delays. "friday light" as i like to say, traffic looking good across the upper deck into san francisco. mass transit off to a good start. bart, ace, muni metro and caltrain no delays systemwide. that's traffic. back to you. >> thank you. a major minivan recall. this morning, chrysler is warning about dangerous airbags. >> plus, he sat next to one of the most notorious hijackers in history. a bay area man sharing his thoughts on a 40-year-old mystery. >> i know. you look at me and all you see is a man with a moustache that makes angels weep. >> and thinking way outside the box. how far one man went to land a gig at google. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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libyan leader moammar qaddafi. that's the word this morning a nato air strike has reportedly killed the youngest son of libyan leader moammar qaddafi the word this morning from a libyan rebel spokesman. he is said to be among 33 libyan servicemembers killed in the strike early today. a government operation centered 90 miles southeast of tripoli is where it happened. officers in the capital have not made any public comment so far. a kids fight leads to gunfire in hayward. this morning, police are looking for the shooter who left a 19-year-old in critical condition. witnesses say the kids were throwing rocks wednesday night at the ponderosa court apartment complex. one child was hit in the head. when that child went to the grownups, the adults started arguing. witnesses say that one of those adults left and came back with the automatic weapon and sprayed an apartment with at least 15 bullets. the 19-year-old was hit several times. police are asking witnesses to
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come forward. a young man shot to death by his father in santa clara county did not have cancer. the shooting happened in the family's home in unincorporated los gatos last week. 50-year-old ed daou had bought a gun last year and told acquaintances that he would kill his son if the son could not beat cancer. 22-year-old andrew daou was killed in that murder-suicide. an autopsy found that the son was actually cancer-free. the killings came two weeks after daou's wife filed for divorce. cal-osha is now investigating a rescue 16 stories high in san francisco. pretty dramatic, too. two window washers dangled from their safety harnesses yesterday morning outside this high-rise condo at mission bay after the ropes on one of the side of the scaffolding gave way. rescuers hoisted one of the window washers on the roof. he was hospitalized with serious injuries. rescuers pulled the second worker through a window. he was not hurt badly. chrysler is recalling
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thousands of minivans because of malfunctioning airbags. the company says the air bags can inflate without warning causing a safety hazard. the recall affects 2008 models of the chrysler town & country and dodge caravan. 367,000 vehicles need to be repaired. a georgia man is going to great lengths to get his dream job at google. >> matthew epstein of atlanta really wants to work for the search giant. but he hasn't got any response to his resume'. so epstein launched a hyper focused online marketing campaign complete with a website called google please hire dot me and it includes his video showing him with a moustache and at one point no pants. >> what i'm asking for is one phone call and 15 minutes of your time to explain to you how i believe i can add value to your product marketing team. what i can promise you is that i will opportunity be wearing pants and i will not wear a
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moustache to work unless you want me to. [ laughter ] >> he is just trying to accommodate them. epstein got a phone interview but a job counselor told cbs 5 that this kind of strategy could backfire if the potential employer doesn't understand your humor. so be careful. >> if he is in marketing and they want a creative guy, i mean, what's better than that? >> and a sense of humor doesn't hurt. i don't know about the pedicure. >> the toes? may turn them off. >> no open toed sandals, i'm sorry, got it wear sneaks. 4:45 your time from. miners to millionaires? what those 33 rescued chilean miners are doing one year later. >> turned around and looked at me and smiled. and i was one row behind him. i was as close to him as i am to you right now. >> a shared moment with a notorious hijacker. a bay area man violence new details about a cold case
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that's heating up. and sex or your smart phone? you would be surprised what people would give up for their gadgets. if you are traveling around the u.s. today, we are looking at some low clouds and fog this morning. sfo 68 degrees. going to see some sunshine there as we head toward the afternoon. other parts of the country going to be hot in the south, once again. 99 degrees expected in houston. sneaking in a lot of sunshine there. if you do plan to continue toward atlanta, could get a little rough in spots as we are going to expect some showers, the possibility of some thunderstorms, and a hot 94 degrees. more on your weekend forecast coming up next. ,,
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the case stems from two young h whom he a jury in texas found warren jeffs guilty of child sexual assault. it stems from two young followers who were involved in so-called spiritual marriages. he was almost a certain dna
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match to a 15-year-old mother. he faces up to life in prison. it's been a year since 33 miners were rescued from a mine in chile. we all remember the story. the men had been trapped for 69 days before they got to the surface. now four of the men are back at work underground. nearly half of them are unemployed. and some run able to work because of psychological symptoms. only one of them apparently made a lot of money from this related to the disaster. >> that's sad. i thought they would be millionaires. >> you thought people would try to help them. >> i can't imagine the four guys who went to work. four decades after a man known as d.b. cooper hijacked a plane a bay area man is talking about his experience on that flight. jack almstad lives in livermore. 40 years he was on the seattle bound plane with d.b. cooper. he said he didn't know it was a
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hijacking when it happened. but he says he believes he saw a bag with the $200,000 in ransom and says he even shared a moment with mr. cooper. >> i said, gee, we were up here so long, if we waited any longer we could have thanksgiving up here, because it was the day before thanksgiving. well, this gentleman turned around, he was on the right side of the plane, he looked at me and smiled. >> cooper parachuted out of the plane. it's not still known what happened to him. and an oklahoma woman says she believes her late uncle lynn doyle cooper was actually db. >> can you imagine being part of that? >> no. there's a restaurant in nash warnings new hampshire, called d.b. cooper's dedicated to parachutes and all that kind of stuff. he has quite a cult following. they say they found some. money in the forest over washington and stuff but hey, he may be living on some island right now with jimmy buffett for all we know. >> lawrence, any experience with hijackers? >> no. but i was going to say, show me
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the money! let's see that 200 grand! that's right. folks, hey, if you are headed around the bay area today, we have some low clouds and fog and some drizzle to begin with, dense fog at the coastline, temperatures in the 50s and 60s. this afternoon, we'll see sunshine in the valleys, sunny maybe a little warmer below average for this time of year. you will find 60s and sunshine and low clouds inside the bay and drizzle likely to continue on and off at the coast with highs in the 50s and 60s. so slightly warmer for most folks around the bay area, just a few degrees. high pressure still making its way eastward. trough on the west coast ramped up the marine layer and pushed it onshore coping temperatures below average for the next couple of days. plan on 95 degrees today in fresno. 90 in yosemite. beautiful at lake tahoe.
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73 degrees in san mateo. east bay temperatures warming up nicely. 80s toward brentwood and antioch, 84 pittsburg, 82 pleasant hill, sunshine and 70s and 80s toward the napa valley. 60s at the coast. so over the next few, we are going to see some improving weather throughout the weekend. looks like we could see some more drizzle tonight and tomorrow, especially near the coast. monday and tuesday, back into the 90s in some of the hot spots. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic now with gianna. let's jump over to marin county. we have roadwork this morning. southbound 101, northbound delays around 37 atherton san rafael, as well. this is a project that extends
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into september. everything should be wrapped up between 5 and 6 this morning. right now south 10114 minutes from 37 to 580. conditions hazy at the golden gate bridge, not bad. traffic very light into san francisco. eastshore freeway, traffic light away from the carquinez bridge to the maze. live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where traffic is light as well no problems headed towards the pay gates. you're clear across the upper deck. we had earlier roadwork that should have wrapped up within the last few minutes near the cantilever section. we have roadwork on the lower deck on the skyway but no delays light into oakland. san mateo bridge looking good. taillights headed into foster city towards the peninsula. 14 minutes between 880 and 101. no accidents along 101. if you are heading to sfo, traffic looks good. along 880 traffic no problems towards hayward. still have roadwork eastbound
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4. that ramp to 80 is closed. it should be cleared by 6:00. right now lots of green on the sensors, so so far not too many delays in the area. the bevan benicia off to a good start. problem-free there. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. an irish wake is planned this afternoon for a man who played santa claus for years at a san francisco macy's. 69-year-old john toomey died last week. he made news this past christmas when macy's fired him for telling jokes to adult customers. the pub lefty o'doul's quickly hired him and it will host the wake today. oakland's public library system is now lending a hand to the city's effort to fight crime. the 81st avenue east oakland community library is launching its late night life initiative staying open late on weekend nights in august to giving children a safe haven. the program will include sports, classes in cooking as
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well as digital arts, even be a talent contest. san francisco mayor ed lee may announce whether he will run for a full term as soon as monday. he was named interim mayor in january after gavin newsom was elected governor. lately lee has been considering his own run. the head of the city's police union says he has information lee will decide by the end of the day on monday. the filing deadline is next friday. former governor arnold schwarzenegger has made his first speech in california since he admitted in may that he had a child with a former housekeeper. he spoke to a group of business leaders in l.a. last night. >> i think that gary is a smart guy. [ laughter ] >> because he knows that the only way you get to an event like this is to pay them or to give them an award. >> schwarzenegger did not mention his marital problems during his appearance, which is
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not surprising. >> no. >> not going to kick it off, well, i have had quite a couple of months. coming up, some people can't hang on to their smart phones. >> actually, a lot of people think they are willing to give up the finer things in life for their gadgets. you hold onto your smart phone a lot. >> this could be for you. >> a new survey shows 33% of americans choose their iphones over sex. 55 would kick the caffeine habit to hang on to their android phones and 70% would turn down alcohol for the sake of their gadgets. smart phone users would also give up hot showers for a week. >> hot showers? >> hot showers for a week to hang onto their phones. >> and you? >> i don't think so. i don't know. >> you're -- >> maybe give up coffee. >> you keep connected pretty well. i don't know about all that stuff though. it is 4:56. the stock market freefall rattling nerves around the world. >> and more bad news could be coming today. how the latest jobs report could add to wall street's woes.
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and a 9-year-old boy is in critical condition in the hospital after being hit by a truck last night and police have just now detained a suspect this morning. we'll give all the details on why police think that he was driving the wrong way on a busy downtown intersection. coming up. and good news for hundreds of construction workers here in the bay area. why the political wrangling may be over to fund the faa. a live report from oakland international coming up next. ,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald.
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a hit-and-run rampage reeves a child in critical condition. the chase across two counties. it leaves a child in critical condition. how markets around the world are taking a beating this morning after a big stock sell- off here in the states and the new jobs report that's coming out today. all eyes on wall street to be sure. good morning, everybody, though, it is friday. that's the good news. it's august the 5th. my brother is not watching but i'm going to wish him a happy birthday anyway. >> how old is he. 61. getting up there. >> that's a good birthday to have. >> your brother is going to get you, frank! he is probably sleeping. he will never see it. looks like temperatures in the 60s and 70s, even 80s into concord. we'll have more on your weather coming up in a bit. let's check the roads with gianna. [ pause ] the golden gate bridge


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